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From first memories it has always been a passion for the Mineral Kingdom, Fossils and the beauty revealed by the Lapidary Arts. It starts with a small child discovering a treasured collection of Butte Montana copper and lead minerals and Oregon beach agates in Grandpa and Grandma's attic. Or perhaps it was Grandpa's stash of gold ore and the accompanying stories from his days as a miner and homesteader at the Rainbow Mine in Eastern Oregon. later it was many memorable trips to South Eastern Oregon for Thunder eggs, Petrified Wood, Obsidian and Agates and too numerous to count trips of discovery to other locals. Then, so many years ago, it was giving a starting nudge to Dad, now 92 and just recently Amateur Paleontologist of the Year, in collecting Cretaceous Ammonites in California. Helping him through the years collect one of the premier Cretaceous Ammonite collections in the world from California. Or was it a love for Russian Literature enmeshed with another love for the lapidary treasures of the Tsar's in Saint Petersburg or the Lapidary wonders of Faberge. And then there was the Rock Shop in McDermitt, the thunderegg claims beyond the Reservation and the Caldera deposits of picture jasper and Petrified Wood. Or was it very strong and long distance friendships developed over many years with like minded soul mates and friends from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Finding in others like passions for the things of the earth. Moss, Plume and Sagenite Agate, Petrified Wood and Picture Jasper, Pyritized Ammonites, Stramatolites, Trilobites, Meteorites, Cretaceous Heteromorph Ammonites, Woolly Mammoth Tusks, Hair, and Ivory and fully articulated skeletons for your local museum of Woolly Rhinoceros, Pleistocene Bison or Cave Bears from the Urals all brought together from a childhood passion. One never knows what one will find on walking out one's door. Please share with us a Love for Rocks with a capital L and a capital R. We have been involved in various facets of the lapidary and mining business for the last 30 years. This site offers us the opportunity to share this beauty with you. Please let us know if you have suggestions or want to contact us for any reason.

Our Shop
Our 3600' state of the art shop facility is located in Northern California. We design and manufacture our own lapidary equipment in order to exceed the highest standards in the trade. We have saws up to 72" in diameter and semi automatic lapping machines up to 36" in diameter. We pride ourselves on leading the trade in both the quality of our materials and the workmanship we put into our finished gem and fossil items. Look to us to be one of your lapidary arts and fossil suppliers.

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