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Mithril Mines

Mission Statement
The mission of the MITHRIL MINES is to bring to the marketplace the unique beauty of gemstone materials from the western US. To achieve this we will partner with miners to efficiently remove in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way these natural gemstone resources. We will work closely with both public and private parties to develop a simple economically viable plan integrating mining and removal in a sustainable long term manner with ongoing restoration. We will collaborate with artists and craftspersons to bring to market objects of artistry and beauty produced from these rough gemstones that are held to the highest standards of aesthetics and workmanship.

Vision Statement
Working with our partners to mine, in an environmentally sensitive way, the finest in western US gemstones and to bring them from the source to our customers in both rough and crafted items of the finest workmanship.

Black Rock Thundereggs
Black Rock Thundereggs come from our claims in the Black Rock Desert in North Western Nevada. They contain some of the finest agate in the United States. Druzzy agate, Black and White Banded Botryoidal Agate, Agate Stalactites, Fortification, Plume, Moss, Sagenite and Pseudomorphs among other wonders are found in infinite variety within these beautiful thundereggs.

Oregon Canyon Plume Thundereggs
These beautiful plume agate thundereggs come from our claims in South Eastern Oregon. Red, yellow and black plume predominateand produce exceptional plume agate for your collection or to be used in the finest jewelry.

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