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Our Mission
The mission of is to build a vibrant, vertically integrated crafts business. Our core values are joy in work, trust, honesty and cooperation in relationships, constant innovation and pride in workmanship. We will work together based on the principle that effectiveness comes from a sense of shared responsibility and commitment to the enterprise. Our business model will incorporate the ideas of W. Edwards Deming's plan, do, study, act cycle, and Stephen Covey's 7 habits as key tools in acheiving our goals. Our core creative goal is to reveal the inherent beauty of the natural world through our products. To better acheive this goal we will use natural materials to their highest purpose. We will study the best practices in our chosen craft and exceed them. We will lead the market, not follow. We will provide the tools and the time needed to acheive excellence. We will reinvent the tools when needed. We will share in our profits mindful to nourish the enterprise above all.

Our Vision
Bringing together joy in work, pride in craft, and trust in our friends and partners in order to reveal the beauty of the natural world to our customers.

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